Benefits of Mediation in Divorce | Carpenter Family LawDivorce is an unfortunate reality for many married couples. It is an experience that can be painful and emotional for them and their families. In divorce mediation, an impartial and trained mediator helps spouses resolve their disputes as amicably as possi>ble.

Family law mediation lawyers help resolve problems and disagreements professionally and respectfully in order to reach a settlement. The benefits of divorce mediation include the following:

Privacy and Confidentiality

Divorce mediations are private and confidential. This allows you to comfortably voice your concerns during the proceeding without fear of your personal, financial or private matters becoming public knowledge. Any verbal or written documentation, such as memorandums, notes and case files, will be recognized as privileged information.

Saving Time and Money

Time and money are valuable but limited resources. When going through a divorce, mediation can help you maximize these resources.

Compared to litigated divorces, which on average take up to 2 years to resolve, family mediation takes a maximum of 16 weeks. You can also organize your mediation sessions to suit your schedule and familial needs – an advantage, as it allows you to manage and save time.

Divorce mediation is also drastically cheaper than litigation. During mediation, only one mediator is required to resolve your dispute, and the cost is typically split between each spouse. During litigation, however, each spouse engages a lawyer separately. Both parties pay and are subject to a more protracted process overall.

Mutual Agreement

You and your spouse determine every decision made during divorce proceedings negotiated in mediation. This approach ensures you achieve a customized solution that suits both parties and increases the likelihood of a mutually beneficial outcome – or ‘win-win’ situation. An unbiased family lawyer or mediator will be present to assist and guide negotiations; however, overall, this process helps divorcing spouses reach a fair settlement agreed upon by both parties.

Safeguarding the Children

However difficult divorce is for the couple going through it, family separation can also affect children mentally, emotionally and physically. Luckily, mediation caters to the family as a whole and takes into consideration the well-being of the children involved. Divorce mediation is respectful and rational, which can lessen conflict and strengthen parenting.

Long-Term Conflict Resolution

A divorce is a life-changing event that forces spouses to discuss challenging topics like asset distribution, spousal and child support, custody arrangements and alimony, among other tricky subjects. During these discussions, conflict may arise between you and your spouse.

A family law mediation lawyer can act as a buffer and employ negotiation techniques or provide creative solutions to help you reach your new normal. Mediation ensures that your and your spouse’s needs are met. This creates a solid foundation of acceptance and helps to guarantee the longevity of your agreement. In litigated divorces, judges usually rule in favour of one spouse or the other, creating a ‘win-lose’ situation and potentially fostering resentment. Conversely, divorce mediation can encourage lasting goodwill because the resolution is built on a collaborative approach.

Divorce Mediation in Oakville

Litigation is not your only option – mediation is an excellent alternative and helps resolve spousal issues during a divorce. Carpenter Family Law is a trusted family law firm in Oakville, ON. We provide high-quality divorce mediation services to ensure that you and your spouse complete the divorce process successfully.

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