Many people facing the emotional stress and interpersonal conflict of divorce, separation, or custody issues don’t realize they have options and many services available.

It’s common for people to believe the only course of action is to take their case to trial.

But this is not true with the help of Carpenter Law.

With the services available at Carpenter Law, we help clients explore their full range of options to help resolve legal issues and discover lasting solutions.

Here is a full synopsis of our family law services for Oakville and surrounding areas.

Finding common ground through mediation

At Carpenter Law, we advocate mediation as an excellent alternative to traditional litigation.

Mediation enables the parties to negotiate settlements of their issues and focus on what is best for the family for the long term.

An entirely voluntary process, mediation requires the mutual consent of both parties to participate.

Our law firm can guide you carefully through the mediation process with services tailored to your personal and unique situation.

How long will mediation take?

Each mediation process varies based on the couple and their situation, but most divorcing couples require anywhere between 2 and 10 mediation sessions.

Helping you through separation and divorce

When spouses decide to separate, it’s a challenging time.

Our family law services can help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities, and provide you with the advice and guidance you need to move forward based on your unique situation and circumstances.

Geoffrey Carpenter has extensive knowledge of the legislation and case law which appear during separation and divorce.

We help residents in Oakville, Halton, and Hamilton and the Peel Region feel secure knowing their situation is handled with dignity and a human touch, and we can do the same for you.

Learn more about our family law services for separation and divorce here.

Spousal support

At Carpenter Law, we understand that support is oftentimes at the heart of the matter for our clients.

Spousal support is funds paid by one spouse to another once they have divorced or separated and is based on the incomes of the parties. Spousal support is a valid aspect of divorce and separation cases, but a common misconception is that it is required in every situation.

Read more about our spousal support services here, to make sure you fully understand the processes.

Child support

At Carpenter Law, we provide skilled legal counsel and thoughtful guidance concerning child custody issues such as…

  • Parent rights and responsibilities
  • Relocations
  • Creating and modifying parenting plans
  • Establishing and modifying child support
  • And more

Our primary goals are to ensure all decisions are based on the best interests of the children and to reduce the negative impact of the separation process on your children, while creating a fair and sound compromise between parents.

Learn more about our child support services here.

Child custody & visitation for the best interests of the child

While a divorce is sometimes necessary, it often comes at the expense of the children who are left impacted by the family breaking apart.

Because of the importance of child custody matters, it is important to have a skilled family law lawyer looking out for your children’s best interests.

That’s where we come in.

Our law firm regularly handles child custody and access matters. Learn more about child custody processes in Ontario here.

Division of property in divorce

The most common question that arises during a divorce process is “who gets what?”

Mr. Carpenter has years of experience in family and divorce law including how the division of property is handled. When you are married, you acquire various assets together. And when you separate, it’s tough to decide how those assets are split up.

Let us help you. View our property division services here.

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