Your full, free guide to legal resources in Ontario

The internet is a great resource for parents and children going through separation or divorce.

Below you can find an extensive list of legal resources available for both parents and children.

It’s a great place to start, and if you can’t find the answer to your question, just give us a call for a quick chat today.

Resources for parents

The parents section of the KidsHealth website features extensive articles including dealing with divorce, helping your children through divorce, talking to your children about divorce and separation and productive tips for divorcing parents.

The Relationships Australia website features amazing resources on ending your relationship, how to go about separation or divorce, children and separation, parenting and the impact on your adult relationship, and so much more.

The Children and Youth Health Network includes a large section on parenting arrangements after separating from your partner and good information about the kinds of decisions you will have to make.

A Department of Justice website aimed at helping parents understand children’s reactions to separation or divorce. The better you understand your children during this time, the more well-equipped you are to meet their needs and answer their questions.

A highly regarded software program to assist separated parents with communication, parenting schedules and children’s activities. You’ll be amazed how useful a tool like this becomes.

Resources for children

An extensive website with a kid-friendly layout. This includes detailed articles about feelings, changes, why this might have happened, tools to deal with stress, information about the law and more.

The website also includes a section designed for teens, with content aimed at answering more adult questions (and presented in a more adult way).

No matter what you do, your kids will probably feel like they’re in the middle of something they had a hand in.

The Kids in the Middle website includes stressbusters, tips for how to, or how not to, choose sides, sleeping, getting through the holidays, going back to school, childhood depression and a lot more.

Answers to the most common questions children have following a divorce or separation.

Resources right here, too

We also have a handful of useful resources for parents and children.

Browse our blog for information on everything from ways to protect your children during divorce and separation to common myths that circle around separation and divorce.

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