Parenting Coordinator

If you’re a parent and you have difficulty communicating with your partner about your child, it may be time to consult with a parenting coordinator. 

 Time and again, situations pop up where parents simply do not agree or find it difficult to make important decisions for their child without facing resistance from the other parent. Sometimes, these issues can lead to court battles that can be emotionally draining for both parents and the child.

Whenever such situations arise, you need the best professional in this area of expertise you can find. At Carpenter Family Law, we provide professional family law services that also include parenting coordination.  Our law firm is committed to helping you navigate the process of parenting coordination in a helpful and stress-free manner. Geoff Carpenter will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.

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What Is Parenting Coordination?

 Parenting coordination falls within the scope of the family dispute resolution process conducted by Canada’s family court. It is an alternative dispute resolution option that aims to help parents fulfill a parenting agreement or order that has been legally agreed upon by both parents.

 A parenting coordinator assists parents when they have a dispute. They serve as a neutral third party who works to minimize conflict by improving communication between parents. Parenting coordinators may provide mediation services where necessary. Their primary objective is to ensure that everything that takes place is in the best interest of the child.

What Is a Parenting Coordinator Authorized to Do?

 Parenting coordination is a voluntary service and cannot be forced upon anyone. As such, it requires the agreement of both parents to proceed. Parent coordinators are professionals in their field and are highly trained in screening procedures and family law.

 Parenting coordinators conduct a screening process with their prospective clients before providing their services. This screening process also allows them to identify any power imbalances that may exist within the parental relationship, and they also look for any evidence of domestic violence.

After a successful screening process, the parenting coordinator has sufficient information to begin helping the family resolve their disagreements relating to parenting rights.

 If a disagreement arises and the parents are unable to come to an agreement, the parenting coordinator may step in and make a decision on behalf of both parents. This is called a determination – a binding decision that both parents must follow.

The Benefits of Having a Parenting Coordinator

Parents have the choice of getting a parenting coordinator on their own; however, there are also situations where a judge may see it fit to mandate the use of a parenting coordinator. Whichever situation you are in, there are several benefits of having one:

  • Cost-saving: A parenting coordinator can help parents avoid expensive litigation costs.
  • Emotional relief: They can help lower or stop emotional turmoil that can arise during the litigation process.
  • Effective dispute resolution: Parenting coordinators are equipped to help resolve disputes immediately, preventing them from escalating.
  •   Improved parenting relationships: Their communication skills can improve relationships between parents, ultimately helping to prevent future conflicts.

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