We are a dedicated family law firm, committed to guiding you through challenges with empathy, expertise, and personalized legal solutions.


My goal is to help you resolve your dispute outside of court with as little financial and emotion cost as possible. As your Mediator, I will help you settle the matter on terms acceptable to both parties. As your Arbitrator, I will consider the evidence and make a timely and detailed decision in accordance with the law of Ontario.


Upon receiving an inquiry I will schedule a zoom meeting or telephone call with counsel. This is to give me a basic understanding of the dispute and how exactly I can help the parties. A tentative date may also be set, but it will not be finalized until after I am formally retained.


To be formally retained the parties have to sign an agreement outlining the scope of my involvement, complete intake forms and provide a retainer. These documents are available for download at the bottom of this page. My hourly rate is $425.00 per hour and the initial retainer is $6,000.00, which is typically split equally between the parties.


In the case of a mediation or parenting coordination, after being retained I will have individual intake screenings with each of the parties. This allows me to better understand the issues from their perspective, and get a sense of the dynamic between the parties. This is very useful in helping the parties come to a compromise. In the case of an arbitration, individual intake screenings are not required, but counsel (or someone else) must screen the parties for power imbalances and domestic violence.

Once this is complete the date for the mediation or arbitration will be set and we can move forward to resolve your dispute. Services are available by zoom or in person, depending on the preference of the parties.